Nevitech Data Solutions is expertise in Content Management Solutions which include Big Data which it has structured/unstructured data and Images. The company has proved its professional expertise in the field of Data management through its efficient work in Data mining, Data processing, Data Capturing and data analysis with confidence, capability and readiness. The company has also achieved outstanding success of developing own EMS (Examination management system).

Our Solutions

Data Capturing

Printing, Graphics and Binding Great results happen because of superior planning, flawless execution, and incomparable standards

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Software Development

Customer & Employee Surveys At Nevitech, we deliver answers, insight, and direction through consulting expertise and reliable survey tools

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Survey Software Solutions

We at Nevitech do the Data processing through many phases which include Data mining, Data cleaning and Data Analysis.

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Examination management System (EMS)

Windows and Application Nevitech understands that in today’s complex business environment, achieving a competitive edge and securing your position as your industry’s leader is essential

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Data Analysis

Nevitech maintains an exceptionally close relationship with our software partners and we are often relied upon to deliver exceptional services to their most strategic customers

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Custom Printing

The Examination management software is used to manage the examination and complex result processing at Universities.

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Support / Service

In the present scenario we have become an answer to the organizations which require high quality, reliable and confidential

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Licences Partners